The world’s largest leadership event hosted in Gainesville

Brought to you by PHOS Creative

August 5-6, 2021

Powerful Leadership Content

The Global Leadership Summit is your two-day infusion of  fresh  ideas, actionable concepts,  leadership  principles, and heartfelt  inspiration. 

As one of 670+ host locations around the US, PHOS Creative is offering those in the Greater Gainesville Area and opportunity to bring the Global Leadership Summit to their teams on August 5-6, 2021. 

Gather your teams and tune in for the most affordable leadership conference with the largest return-on-investment you’ll find in the country.

Two Days Designed to Equip and Inspire Leaders Like You

Thursday, August 5 | 9:30am - 5:30pm

Friday, August 6 | 9:30am - 4:30pm

Individual Ticket

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$99 each

Why Your Entire Team Should Tune-In

This conference is the best opportunity for you to invest in culture, vision, clarity, and momentum during a time where it is difficult to build any of that. For a fraction of traditional conference costs, no travel (reducing time), you get to join a worldwide leadership movement, hearing from some of the most influential leaders in the world.

This year’s faculty content will include topics on:

  • Breaking free from the lies we believe about work
  • Identifying five permissions to multiply your time
  • Leveraging science-based research to increase connection opportunities
  • Becoming more agile and inventive
  • Overcoming fear and problematic power dynamics in teams
  • Leading through crisis and ever–changing new realities

Speaker after speaker "brought it" during the two days. From practical business insights to penetrating wisdom to teach us to "flourish" (not just in our professional careers but also in our personal lives) these speakers nailed it.

Greg Stier

Meet Your Host

This year’s Global Leadership Summit in Gainesville, FL is brought to you by PHOS Creative.

We’re a digital marketing agency serving small-mid sized businesses around the US with a strong calling to create an impact beyond the bottom line for our team members, our clients, and the world.

We have huge hearts for our community and we know the impact that our city and surrounding neighbors can have when our leadership is centered around a greater purpose.

There has never been a better opportunity to put our mission in action than by bringing the Summit to Gainesville this summer. We hope you’ll join us in empowering the next generation of leaders in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live event or a virtual event?

When you purchase a ticket, you are purchasing access to the live-streamed event out of Illinois via a link. The new GLS Online Experience allows you to attend the Summit live with other leaders, directly on your preferred device, from anywhere. Plus, you’ll automatically get 7-Days of Video-on-Demand to replay the Summit talks after the event. Please note, if attending online, individual tickets must be purchased in order to attend and take part in the interactive elements of the event and to access on-demand videos.

What does it mean to host a small group?

Due to the extraordinary circumstances and uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve introduced a new virtual (online) conference experience for 2021. We’re encouraging business owners, pastors, and leaders in our area to bring their teams together (safely) to experience the Summit from their office. When you register your team, you’ll have access to the entire conference for you to stream in the comfort of your own office.

What is included in my ticket?

All public programming elements including but not limited to plenary sessions and artistic elements (music, drama, dance, etc.) are included with every ticket. These elements will be viewable in the live GLS Online Experience and at all live hosted experiences in August. Additionally, your 2021 ticket includes 7 days of Video-On-Demand access so you can re-watch or catch sessions you may have missed. 7-Day VOD will be made available to every registered guest, that’s provided a valid email address during registration, upon the completion of the event on August 6.

How will ticket pricing change between now and the event?

Early bird pricing ends on July 21st. After that, pricing will increase by $40 per ticket.

Can I buy one ticket to share among my group?

No. In order to have the best GLS Online experience as well as Video-On-Demand access when the event is complete, it is required that each guest have their own individual watch link. This will provide you and your group with the best overall experience, and the ability to access all the interactive elements that are a part of the GLS Online experience.

Where do I find my ticket or registration information?

Please click here  to locate your ticket or registration information. 

Can I add additional registrations?

Yes, you are able to purchase additional tickets under a new transaction, but we are unable to add additional tickets to an already existing order.

When will the full scheduled be available?

The full conference schedule, including the session topic(s), speaker(s) and times will be available two weeks prior to the event. The Summit officially runs two full days from 8:30 am-4:30 pm (CDT) on Thursday and 8:30 am-3:30 pm (CDT) on Friday.

How can I share this with other people because I am super excited!?

We’re so glad you asked! If you are a business owner or have a leadership role in your organization, we highly encourage you to bring your entire team. This is a great opportunity to invest in your culture and team’s leadership development.

We also have the local event posted on Facebook and encourage you to share it with those who might be interested.

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